What is the KaratBars opportunity ?

KaratBars is not a MLM

No, KaratBars is not a MLM (multi-level marketing). Why? It’s very simple. In Multi-Level marketing organizations, you need to be active. As a KaratBars affiliate, you won’t have to maintain a certain level or buy any products (each month) to stay active.

Another important factor is that registering with KaratBars for an affiliate account is free. Most of MLM are asking you to submit your credit card upon registration and request you to buy a start-up kit, right? You are not required to buy one of those but still strongly recommended.


We DO have packages to sell too. They unlock Dual Team bonuses and raise your commissions depending on which kit you choose. This is necessary to create business volume in our organization, even if the kit is purchased only once and the remaining commissions and bonuses comes from grams of gold sold in your whole team.

It is still possible to make money without packages by referring customers to buy golds over your KaratBars website but to build a team and have a chance to access high incomes ($$$), it is a must for you to invest AT LEAST a little 130$ to unlock all your commissions. I’ve seen a lots of MLM’s starting their kit at 500$, 1000$ or even 2000$! So a little 130$ is really worth the investment. We got kits ranged from 130$ to almost 10 000$.


Gold VS Money

These graphics might help give you a little look at how much is Gold and money worth (this is an average):

KaratBars Opportunity



KaratBars Opportunity

Gold is getting more rare. With the KaratBars opportunity you have the chance to acquire something that will keep it’s value and for sure, increase it’s value! If you’re here you must know the basics of market then: Rare + Demand = Add Value. Money is printed as we wants. We have control on how much money we will print. We have no control on how much gold is remaining on earth. It’s like gasoline. If you’re from North America, I am sure you noticed the increase in the past few years at the cost of the gas? It’s about the same for gold. As gold will start to become more rare, the value of it will go boom.

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Money value by the ”GREAT” Robert Kiyosaki


And now… the Compensation Plan



Or watch the explanation video of the compensation plan




Why making money with KaratBars is easy?


With KaratBars, you are not selling products. People are actually exchanging their paper into physical gold money. Have you did a Nutrition, beauty or product selling business before? It is way harder to sell something to people that will be consumed or used by the owner. After it’s over, they will need to re-buy the product.

With gold, you’re simply investing your money. Gold is way more inflation proof than money. You buy gold, you keep the gold. You keep the value of it. That’s one good point when starting to do marketing around you.


I’m not offering you a product, or something you will have to buy again and again. I’m offering you to invest your money in the most successful investment you can make on this planet right now, gold!


And guess what? You’ll get paid for showing that to people you know. You will get free gold and get paid for sharing. We’re not saying that you won’t have some work to do to promote your business and make income. If you don’t start to do actions, you won’t earn money.


Do actions, you will get results!

Every business says that, right? Start to do actions. For having myself tried a lot of different businesses, I’ve found it kinda hard to reach out people with a consumable product. Yes, with time and energy and lots of contacts, I managed to build a strong team of distributors, BUT, that’s only for the small percentage of 5%. They were the small percentage of people that could make this business profitable and really starting to see the income to go in.


One thing you have to ask yourself is, what if it would be lot much easier to recruit people? What if it would be easy to close people out and generate sales? If you’re a leader, with good skills in front of people, maybe have closed… let’s say 35% of people you met? If you’re not very good… 10%? 1 on 10. That’s a huge time investment right there. People usually buy a ”kit”, start working and after 4 months of auto-ship (and around 400$ on their credit card), with 4 people in their team (and 2 inactives) they decided to stop the business. 95% of these people leave the business a time or another. You might have a small percentage making decent money and staying, a few persons making high incomes and the rest is a time bomb before they switch to inactive.


After 2 weeks, I talked to 6 persons and they all joined. Why? No marketing plan, no need to own vendor skills, very easy and quick. Show people you know your karat gold bar and tell them, this is only an investment and you’ll get paid just by showing 2 people this thing and making them join the business. After, you will have to help these 2 people get 2 people each. It’s a basics in network marketing. But it’s 800% easier with KaratBars. People are VERY more likely to invest in a product that is worth something. It’s logical. Gold is exchangeable everywhere! It’s a form of money.


Gold prices on the market are a bit lower than KaratBars price? Why?

The prices you actually saw on the internet is for actually buying 1000g packages. I won’t have to discuss a lot on that since it’s an easy answer. Go and try to buy 1 gram of gold for less than the price we sell it. Don’t forget, KaratBars is ONE GRAM AT A TIME. It never has been seen on the market.


That is why KaratBars is on a big momentum right now!

People from our teams are very excited because it’s easier than ever to recruit. Our team are duplicating very well and the opportunity is good to everyone. It’s normal that people just starting their business are making less money than the ones who have been working on it for a month or two… But I can guarantee everyone is getting success on my team. KaratBars will raise to the up.


Timing in business is VERY important!

Timing is one of the key to success in all kind of commerce. It’s right what we got. We are still in the sweet spot. Since it’s a forced binary system, people on your upline recruiting prospects goes in your downline. Isn’t that amazing? Everyone is forced to help each other build their team.

- No obligations or purchase required

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- No monthly fees to stay active and get your commissions checks

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